think about it.

At any given moment, there are dozens of visual messages demanding your attention. But good design can do more than just catch your eye: it can make you think.

Metography is known for an uncommon ability to transform complex information into clear, comprehensible visual frameworks. From books to web sites, scientific research to annual reports — we specialize in the design and preparation of long-form publications that engage the reader and clarify concepts in support of a focused exploration of the work.

Metography is committed to exploring a range of aesthetic options that support facts and promote ideas — ideas worth thinking about. (view portfolio)

scope of services.

Metography has a thoughtful, generous approach to service and an honest respect for each project’s specific requirements. Having pioneered the transition from traditional print to digital media, Metography brings an unusually expansive set of skills and experience to the drawing table.

We offer a broad range of services for both digital and print media: (read more)

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Rewarding work is not only intellectually engaging and aesthetically satisfying, it’s beneficial to the larger community. Metography’s clients are active in the responsible stewardship of our built, natural, and social environments. We are fortunate to share in their work by giving visual expression to their messages about how best to achieve stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities. (read more)

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about metography.

Established in 2003, Metography is a San Francisco-based graphic design firm specializing in publications, corporate communications & identity, information graphics, and web design for small- and medium-size businesses and organizations. (read more)